Jordana is a  Graphic Designer, Realtor, Fluid Artist and Honours Graduate from one of the top Design Schools in Canada.  The artist thrives on creating art that grounds, balances, exites, evokes and inspires - servicing the subconscious, in hopes to create something her audience can relate to. Her passion lives in the organic nature and form of paint, the saturation of colour, & the endless possibilty that no two pieces of art can ever be recreated.

Her passion grows every day in hopes to make this world a more beautifully creative place, one project at a time.

Anything we need, we can create... 



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innovation design . logo development . branding . package design . editorial . book & layout design . Ux . Ui . web . creative content . presentation development . professional content . portfolio . resume . illustration . typography . social media marketing . visual identity . marketing material .